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From time to time we release new versions of software to bring new features and remove any bugs that have been reported. Our software that runs on the SMC and PMC controllers is compiled into an .exe file however this is not the type that runs on Windows. The files will be named procut.exe or map.exe or similar; there are also supporting files that may be updated from time to time.

We will normally email the files compressed into a .zip file as antivirus checkers normally remove the .exe files as they can be harmful to PC systems. An update will normally require 2 files, an autoboot.bat which contains the command to copy the file and xxx.exe where xxx will be procut, map or another name if you have a special file for your system. You will then need to extract these files to preferably the pen drive shipped with the controller or to a freshly formatted FAT32 pen drive.

  1. The files should be placed in the root folder, however if you place them in a sub folder on the pendrive the controller will not recognise them.
  2. Make a note of your settings (gear ratios, leadscrew pitch etc.) and also the version number on the welcome screen.
  3. Turn off the controller and plug in the pen drive to the USB port. Turn on the controller and it should automatically then copy the procut.exe file over - you should be shown a prompt to overwrite the file. You need to press Y for yes which is done on smaller keypads by pressing the "a..z" key so you get a red light and then press the "y" key. On QWERTY keypads just press the "Y" key.
  4. You will then get the c:> prompt once the file has copied.
  5. Power off the controller, remove the pen drive and turn the power back on. The controller should now boot up and if successful the new version number will be displayed. Check all settings are correct and perform a test run.
  6. If you are updating from an old version of software there is a chance that you will receive a "Environment File Not Found, System not Initialised" warning. This is due to new features being added to the software which require the environment file to be changed. In this case you will need to re-enter your machine parameters again, this includes all calibration data, motor direction, inputs and outputs setup etc.

Please note that not all general pen drives will work with the controller as we are quite strict and keep to the USB standard. A lot of pendrives on the market do not adhere to the standard, if you have trouble please try another drive or contact us for further advice.

To create a clean installation please follow the steps listed here


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