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Sometimes it is necessary to format the drives in a controller and install the software again. This can be necessary due to corrupted memory, too many programs or if the controller is swapped to a different machine.

The following steps need to be followed and the files to be used will be normally emailed to you in a compressed zip file.

The zip file that you are sent will need to be extracted to a pen drive formatted with FAT32. To avoid confusion please ensure this pendrive if clean (empty). Next safely remove the pen drive from the PC.

Take a note of ALL machine settings before proceeding.

  1. With the controller powered off, plug the pen drive into the controller and power up. The autoboot file copied onto the pendrive should run and  you will be prompted that all data will be wiped from the controller and a new installation will be created. All user programs will be lost.
  2. Press a key to continue at which point you will see A: and B: drives being formatted followed by the required files being copied on.
  3. This will normally complete with A:>_ at which point you should remove the pendrive and re-boot the controller. Your program (MAP or PROCUT) will then run.
  4. You will now need to go into the setup menus and set all the required parameters for your machine.

Please ensure you visit the setup menu's and verify all calibration, speed, motion and I/O settings. Failure to do so could lead to the machine being damaged.


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