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Press F6 to go to the "System Tools menu"

Select "Technical Menu" and press the enter key

enter the password as set by your supplier and press the enter key

This now displays the "Technical Menu"

Select "Setup Menu" and press the enter key

Select "Motion Control" and press the enter key

Do not enable the power in this menu unless instructed to do so by a service agent.

A menu is now shown and towards the bottom of the screen is a table with columns shown as "DAC", "Encoder", "Integral".


Rotating axis 0 in 360 degrees for a 1000ppr quadrature encoder will result in a count of 4000 in the "ax0 / Encoder" cell. Rotate the motor back 360 degrees and the count should return to zero. Carry on turning 360 degrees and you will then read -4000 and 360 degrees back to zero. You would need to calculate these figures based on the actual encoder fitted.

*Note: 360 degrees relates to the motor shaft and does not account for any gearing

**Note: This checks encoder counts, it does not verify encoder direction.



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